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Abusing Title IX

27 Apr

Interesting how loopholes are used to make gender equity look like a reality. In this NY Times article, we hear of how male practice players get counted as women athletes on the basketball court. How women walk-on tennis players are present on the roster but don’t really have to practice with the team let alone go to tournaments and represent the school. It makes me realize that my own participation in USA as an NCAA scholarship athlete was part of that sham – we too had one season with male practice players. I’m sure those guys, who were quite proud of being a part of the athletic department, didn’t know their role was positioned as “statistical woman”. I know that we the players were not aware that these men – who were helping us out – were in actuality taking up positions for other women to gain a scholarship through the athletic department. Transparency = 0.

EDIT: The women’s sports foundation has posted a response to the article in question [PDF]


Launching a new game in town – Women only

16 Apr

Roller Derby CopenhagenRoller Derby Copenhagen

Roller Derby CopenhagenIt might not be digital – but it’s tough fun that requires your own technologies (quads, big knee pads, and mouthguard to name a few) to get on the playing field!

The Copenhagen Roller Derby team (Copenhagen Rolling Heartbreakers) took its first ever bout on Danish soil with a staggering victory over the Belgium team (Gent Go-Go Rollers Girls).

Here’s a little footage to get you sparked to go and buy your own gear and get cracking!

My No. 1 worst moment for women and gaming in 2011

22 Mar

Here it is, My No. 1 worst moment for women and gaming, why?

Well, let’s set the stage – take one top athlete (Serena Williams) and erase any notion of her achievements, give her the title of “world’s sexiest”, thrust her in some black nylons and make her derriere  literally a character on screen. Then, take a top gamer (Rileah Vanderbilt) and erase any notion of her achievements, give her the title of “world’s sexiest”, thrust her in some black nylons and make her derriere and chest literally characters on screen. Oh yeah, also: add a lot of grunting, some shooting flame-balls, and some droplets of sweat. There is a tiny shining light that shows five clips of the game-version Serena Willliams on-screen, fully clothed, and hitting powerful winners. Though those two seconds worth of clips are just a back-drop to the “real action” which is the sexualization and marginalization of women that play games well.

Joystiq has talked to game developer 2K sports who gave this official statement, Continue reading