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Launching a new game in town – Women only

16 Apr

Roller Derby CopenhagenRoller Derby Copenhagen

Roller Derby CopenhagenIt might not be digital – but it’s tough fun that requires your own technologies (quads, big knee pads, and mouthguard to name a few) to get on the playing field!

The Copenhagen Roller Derby team (Copenhagen Rolling Heartbreakers) took its first ever bout on Danish soil with a staggering victory over the Belgium team (Gent Go-Go Rollers Girls).

Here’s a little footage to get you sparked to go and buy your own gear and get cracking!


Males can be “pets” too…

15 Apr

World of Warcraft has been swinging around since November 2004 with this very suspicious looking demon (succubus) pet for Warlocks. (Check out the earlier succubus designs!).

Her abilities include Seduction, Avoidance, Lash of Pain and Soothing Kiss. On wowwiki we are offered a little trivia,

“Succubi have a rather notorious idle animation set. She will either pose, admire her nails, or on occasion spank her butt and let out an erotic squealed “Oooooh!”

The real news here is that Blizzard might be looking to make a male version. Can I make an “erotic squeal – “Oooooh!” now?

Blue post : Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)

I’m happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don’t have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we’re committed to making this happen.

What is Team Unicorn?

23 Mar

In the last post I mentioned Team Unicorn (TU). They are, in all actuality “old news” – going viral back in September 2010 with their riff video “G33k and G4m3r Girls” (parodying Katy Perry’s California Girls), which pulls cameos from Stan Lee, Starbuck (scream!!) – aka. Katee Sackhoff, and Seth Green (who is married to one of the. erhm, Unicorns).

Actionflickchick takes up some of the debate on the conflicts surrounding the production, the representations, and the viewer polemic regarding the intersection of women, “geeks”, and sex appeal/attractiveness. They also grab an interview with TU, here’s a snippet: Continue reading

My No. 1 worst moment for women and gaming in 2011

22 Mar

Here it is, My No. 1 worst moment for women and gaming, why?

Well, let’s set the stage – take one top athlete (Serena Williams) and erase any notion of her achievements, give her the title of “world’s sexiest”, thrust her in some black nylons and make her derriere  literally a character on screen. Then, take a top gamer (Rileah Vanderbilt) and erase any notion of her achievements, give her the title of “world’s sexiest”, thrust her in some black nylons and make her derriere and chest literally characters on screen. Oh yeah, also: add a lot of grunting, some shooting flame-balls, and some droplets of sweat. There is a tiny shining light that shows five clips of the game-version Serena Willliams on-screen, fully clothed, and hitting powerful winners. Though those two seconds worth of clips are just a back-drop to the “real action” which is the sexualization and marginalization of women that play games well.

Joystiq has talked to game developer 2K sports who gave this official statement, Continue reading

Letzplay has moved out of the building …

1 Jan

LetzPlayLetzplay has permanently moved online to join the brave new world of social media.

Our *services* include:

– Updates on groundbreaking research, as well as eye-brow raising research, on women, girls and games, as well as work on masculinites and gaming.

– Links to women and girls making waves in the field of play

– General chit-chat on the two above mentioned themes.

Our facebook group — Letzplay – The Women and Computer Games Group —  is open and awaiting your button click. All events are announced via the facebook group.

PS3 – for dummies?

15 Sep

The release of the new giant in gaming – the PS3 – is on its way … although the release date has once again been shifted – now for a Danish release in March 2007! So, we get a little more time to ask ourselves “is the PS3 worth waiting for?”  Do we the consumers have the economy to support such a dear little thing?

I for one do not.

“The most sophisticated entertainment machine for consumers worldwide” … hmm. It is definitely sophisticated, but as an entertainment machine – I don’t think I can keep up with its golden* (*Mac white) glean. For economically strong users perhaps, for early adopter identities, or for those who really get “their money’s worth” for networking with friends, family entertainment and so on – but what about us single women with a gaming poor network? The console costs the same as a round trip to Guam and a single game is 600 Danish crowns – now that’s a lot of crowns!

Problem is – I’m stuck with the PlayStation brand. For whilst I have very few friends to share games with, at least there are a few. If I shifted over to the Nintendo Wii (the console I find most tempting) I would narrow that down to zero contacts to share games with.

Perhaps within our small gaming networks we should be arranging meetings for group investment, and ask – “what do we want to play”? I for one would get more “sophisticated entertainment” out of my console if I could access more than the game that I bought it with (and that offer will probably first start in 2010!)