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World of Warcraft – where new collaborative methods are put to the test

8 Sep

According to the Danish newspaper “Computerworld” (print 8. September 2006) the leaders of Danish Hi-tech businesses should be paying more attention to the methods of American Japanese Internet entrepreneur Joichi Ito. Ito has been busy fine tuning a new model of management within the virtual world framework of World of Warcraft (WoW). His WoW Guild is somewhat of a collective guinea pig for testing out new management models that, when transplanted into a proposed new company (a company whose employees will supposedly be recruited from Ito’s guild), will blow the exisiting management models out of the water.
The tone of the editorial note really questions

1) Whether Denmark is really a part of the global “technorati”?

2) Whether there is anyone really pushing the envelope around here?

If there were a 90’s slogan slapped onto this it might be “I wanna be like Joichi”.

Looking forward to hearing more about the 9 year old as a department head.
See Joici Ito’s comments here.