PS3 – for dummies?

15 Sep

The release of the new giant in gaming – the PS3 – is on its way … although the release date has once again been shifted – now for a Danish release in March 2007! So, we get a little more time to ask ourselves “is the PS3 worth waiting for?”  Do we the consumers have the economy to support such a dear little thing?

I for one do not.

“The most sophisticated entertainment machine for consumers worldwide” … hmm. It is definitely sophisticated, but as an entertainment machine – I don’t think I can keep up with its golden* (*Mac white) glean. For economically strong users perhaps, for early adopter identities, or for those who really get “their money’s worth” for networking with friends, family entertainment and so on – but what about us single women with a gaming poor network? The console costs the same as a round trip to Guam and a single game is 600 Danish crowns – now that’s a lot of crowns!

Problem is – I’m stuck with the PlayStation brand. For whilst I have very few friends to share games with, at least there are a few. If I shifted over to the Nintendo Wii (the console I find most tempting) I would narrow that down to zero contacts to share games with.

Perhaps within our small gaming networks we should be arranging meetings for group investment, and ask – “what do we want to play”? I for one would get more “sophisticated entertainment” out of my console if I could access more than the game that I bought it with (and that offer will probably first start in 2010!)

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